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Job Ref: JOB-46544

Writing Assistance, Inc. is a national company for Technical Writers and Instructional Designers. We are looking for an Instructor that can support part time as needed 2-day classes.

1. Instructors shall demonstrate that at a minimum they have the following experience:

At least one of the two standards shown below:

o A minimum of 3 years of work experience as a manager (supervisor of supervisors) in the Federal Government; or

o Experience within the last 3 years teaching/facilitating FED GOV Mandatory Supervisory NDAA required Transition To Management (TTM) or similar courses. Experience shall be confirmed and documented by the Federal Agency Training manager or higher authority.

A minimum of 3 year(s) experience instructing adult learners, to include experience delivering instructor led training via online platforms.

2. Familiarity with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) policies/procedures

3. The following topics, subject to changes by the Government, are to be presented. All material provided by the government:

– Your New Job: Managing

– Leadership Skills

– Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

– Strategy and Planning: Stepping Out of the Day-to-Day

– What Customer Service Means As a Manager

– Organizing Your Unit: Organizational Analysis and Decision Making

– Managing Down the Organization: Supervising

– Managing Up the Organization: Leadership as Fellowship

– Manager Values and Ethics

– Course Review, Personal Assessment and Developmental Plan, Course

4. Post COVID-19, may require to travel to one of the areas listed: Columbus, OH – Tracy, CA – Harrisburg/New Cumberland, PA – Richmond, VA – Ft. Belvoir, VA – Philadelphia, PA – Japan – Kaiserslautern, Germany.

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