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Finance Policies and Procedures Writer Hartford, CT

Job Ref: JOB-46111

Writing Assistance, Inc. is a national staffing company for Technical Writers. We have an asset management client who seeks to streamline their policies and procedures. 

Our client is looking for a writer with industry knowledge, primarily compliance.  They currently have about 30 policies and procedures they would like to make consistent and up-to-date.  They are looking for a writer to create a template and standardize the guides.  The guides will cover legal and compliance, HR, IT, and finance. 

They want a writer who can be on-site in Hartford, CT for a kickoff meeting to setup timelines and possibly meetings with key employees to verify the most recent procedures are being used.  The work will include cleaning up the existing content and standardizing their guides. 

Our client is in the process of prioritizing which policies and procedures need to be completed first and identifying the ones they want to use as a foundation for the template.

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