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WAI is a nationwide staffing agency. Currently we are looking for a technical writer that has a background or past experience working with the legal industry.

Our client publishes a large book every year specifically for best practices in the construction industry and contractor licensing for USA and Canada. They are looking to work with a writer on a regular basis to edit and update the book with the changing laws and best practices, which happen quite often through the year.

The business and law publications are divided into three (3) major sections, which are described below. For the state specific editions there is state specific content imbedded throughout the chapters and appendices within each book.

Part 1 Getting Your Business off the Ground focuses on business planning and start up. This section will help contractors formulate a business plan, choose a business structure, understand licensing and insurance requirements, and gain basic management and marketing skills.

Chapter 1 The Plan

Chapter 2 Choosing Your Business Structure

Chapter 3 Becoming a Licensed Contractor

Chapter 4 Managing Risk

Chapter 5 Your Business Toolbox Chapter 6 Marketing and Sales

Part 2 Fundamentals for the Field covers fundamentals contractors will need to know to operate a successful construction business. This section covers estimating, contract management, scheduling, project management, safety and environmental responsibilities and building good relationships with employees, subcontractors and customers.

Chapter 7 Bidding and Estimating

Chapter 8 Contract Management

Chapter 9 Scheduling and Project Management

Chapter 10 Customer Relations

Chapter 11 Employment Management

Chapter 12 Jobsite Safety and Environmental Factors

Chapter 13 Working with Subcontractors

Part 3 Office Administration provides valuable information to assist contractors in managing the administrative functions of their business. Financial management, tax basics and lien laws are covered. Effective management of these areas of business is vital and can create serious problems if they are not given the proper attention.

Chapter 14 Financial Management

Chapter 15 Tax Basics

Chapter 16 State Specific Mechanics Lien Law

The Appendices at the end of each guide provide the full text of the statutes, rules and regulations that control the major activities of contracting in a specific state, as well as other relevant information such as: Glossary, Business Plan Template, Useful Links and a New Business Checklist.

Appendix A Glossary

Appendix B Business Plan Template

Appendix C Useful Links

Appendix D New Business Checklist

Appendix E State Specific Contractors Licensing Law

Appendix F State Specific Rules and Regulations

Each publication also includes Supplemental Forms and Links located online. The online website is updated annually around the first around the first of the year for standard information such as IRS forms, etc. However, state specific updates would be applied when a new edition is released.

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