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Off-site Bill Pay Platform Guide Writers (3) Remote, Remote

Job Ref: JOB-46989

Our client creates platforms for banks and other financial institutions. They need multiple writers to come in and help organize, build, and write their client facing documentation. They are looking for writers who can standardize their documentation layout and really help with building a foundation to their current documentation system.

They are looking for the documentation to be tagged and easily searchable by clients. The work ranges from reference guides to quick help to more detailed troubleshooting guides. Our client also has to be compliant with regulators, but they are also looking for a way to simplify the compliance documentation process.

They are looking for experienced Technical Writers who will really dig into the SMEs for information and not just take what they are given. They want to make sure what is produced will truly help their customers. The ideal candidate will have some or all of the following experience: bill payments, bank payments, money movement, an understanding of billers, or how consumers manage payment in a bank.

The work can be completed remotely. The project is already started and targeted to finish mid-/end- of January. If this project goes well, they have other projects for additional customers that could easily last for an additional 9 months. On top of this documentation, they also see it building out to admin and training materials (which is not figured into any of these timelines). The writers will work between the product and engineering teams to gather necessary details.

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