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Job Ref: JOB-46941

Writing Assistance, Inc. is a staffing company for Technical Writers. We have a need for an Accounting Marketing Writer.

Our client is an accounting firm that specializes in affordable housing and low income tax credits. They are looking for a writer who can develop more content and blog articles for them. They find they get a lot of traction. The audience is very specific, not general accounting, but specialized in affordable housing and low income tax credits. A sample topic is “cost certification process they have to deal with and there is something new about it.”

One of their partners will provide some content for the article and then it will need to be edited. Preferably the writer is given the parameters from the partner with what it should include and build an article around the info.

The work can be completed offsite using MS Word. They currently produce 6 articles a year, but if they can get more articles created by the writer without adding more work for the partners they see the article count increasing. This opportunity does require industry knowledge for accounting in affordable housing and/or low income tax credits. They are also looking to update and/or rewrite existing articles.

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