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Job Ref: JOB-46940

Writing Assistance, Inc. is a staffing company for Technical Writers. We have a need for a Social Media Communicator.

Our client is an accounting firm that specializes in affordable housing and low income tax credits. They have a marketing coordinator, but they need somebody who can help with the creative part of their messaging on social media. Sometimes the content needs polish, attaching the appropriate hash tags, or simply rewriting social media posts. There is also a need for editing some other content, strong review adding a marketing twist.

They produce a couple a week, and sometimes it gets delayed. The work could be reviewing brochures to make it more creative as well as add new content to it if necessary. There may be a need for some press releases to review as well. 

The work can be completed offsite using MS Word, and they estimate about 2 to 3 hours per week. Having industry knowledge is not required.

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