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Job Ref: JOB-46105

Writing Assistance, Inc. is a national staffing company for Technical Writers. We have a need for a Technical Marketing Writer.

Our client provides fracturing equipment to upstream providers like frac pumps and well heads. They are looking for a Technical Marketing Writer who can help with their playbooks for new products.

When new product launches there is a standard process they go through. It begins with a meeting with engineers, product managers, and anybody who touches the product when it launches. From a marketing standpoint what does the product do, what are the benefits, how are they going to position it (discovery meeting). There are a lot of notes a lot of discussion which runs about a half day. From there they develop a playbook and that is essentially the bible of the product. This playbook is an internal document only used within the company. The playbook includes a TOC, Executive summary of what you are going to read, target audience, go into detail of the product tech aspects, summary of offering a brief summary of what the features are and identify the market challenges, offerings, matrix theirs competitors, and then create insight of their strengths to combat their weaknesses, detail the obstacles that need to be overcome though and in the launch (if something were to come up, things to consider) then positioning statement, how they are going to position themselves in the market. The elevator pitch (key talking points) and then develop a marketing plan is created from the playbook.

They are looking for a writer who can participate in the product launch to through the development of the marketing plan. For the playbook the writer will be involved in the meetings and creating the playbook content. They are looking for a Technical Marketing Writer because they want the writer to interject and ask the right questions to ensure the content in the playbook is detailed and informative. Also, for the marketing plan the writer will be documenting processes, case studies and SOPs. The design features are pulled from the engineers and might need some proofing and verify that the exploded diagrams are correct.

The writer needs to have a technical background in oil & gas, upstream preferred, marketing and technical writing. The writer needs to be an active participant in all meetings. There will be one-on-ones with engineers and project managers where the writer will be driving the conversation. Most the meeting are held Dallas/Fort Worth area but will possibly require some travel to Houston. There are 3 products launching in Q1 and Q2. It will require a full-time commitment for the first few months at a minimum, probably more once they know the writer’s capabilities.

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