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Technical Writer – Open Knowledge Network Remote, USA

Job Ref: JOB-47064

Our client is an independent federal science and engineering agency. They are seeking a technical writer to facilitate the writing of a final report which will be a road map for research and development needs and opportunities to develop a proto-Open Knowledge Network. This road map will be the final product of an Open Knowledge Network Innovation Sprint which is under development now. A Knowledge Network is another name for a knowledge graph, which is a data science tool that connects disparate types of data (“nodes”) via their metadata (words/semantics that describe the data, also called “edges”). Technical writer candidates with experience in data science/library science experience would be valuable, although the sprint organizing committee and project teams will include deep technical expertise. The technical writer will need to organize the outputs of ~10 sprint project teams, each composed of US government, industry, academic, non-profit, and other personnel. The sprint process itself is being facilitated by another resource, but they lack the expertise of a technical writer to help produce the final report. The technical writer would also attend the kick-off meeting in early February (3 days, 18 total hours), in addition to would need to attend 4 approximately 3-hour sprint check-in meetings every few weeks March- May, and the final Design 2 -day workshop in early June. The most crucial part is the work in early February to help refine the outputs requested of the sprint teams during the March May innovation sprint. The key work by the technical writer would be to work with the sprint teams after the “final” June workshop to refine their materials into a actionable roadmap report document. Ideal output will be an executive summary, accompanying a longer report (~30 pages) with potentially extensive appendices. The writer may be asked to assist with other related writing throughout the project. The client is accepting candidates for immediate consideration. Please be prepared to submit writing samples.

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